Been listening to The Bailey ever since I found you via Katie Herzog's interview a while back. Love what you're doing!

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You deserve more reader comments.


'I was corrupted into abandoning Islam after moving to the United States."

If you are living in The West, Y.M., entirely understandable and examined in the necessary depth, say . . .

Washington's Ukraina Grandioznaya Skhema.

The Graveyard of This Empire . . . https://les7eb.substack.com/p/washingtons-ukraina-grandioznaya


One Proxy War too many. The past due Geo-Economic Success Paradigm no longer delivers.

And so Narrative Collapse – – –

Only when the last American artillery shell has been fired in The Ukraine, only when the last Ukrainian soldier has been killed in The Ukraine and only when the last of Ukrainian state territory has been irretrievably lost from The Ukraine will The West finally realize that God Favours Russia . . .


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